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About Us

Price Western (Price Western) : About Us

With customers across the UK, through Europe and further afield, Price Western, or Price Western, means many things to many people. What everyone gets is outstanding customer service and a commitment to excellence in design, delivery and our environmental and community-based responsibilities.

Awards & Certificates

Artemas GlovesOver the last 30 years, we have worked hard to build a reputation of quality production and high value.
This work has brought dividends of industry awards and certification to mark our progress.

Company History

Artemas GlovesA lot has happened in 30 years!
From police marksmen and close-protection squads to para-medics, the range of users has changed as much as the product range has evolved.
We pride ourselves on quality and innovation and we continually strive to bring new products to the market.

International Distributors

Artemas GlovesPrice Western products are available across Europe, the Middle East and Australia through a network of distributors and agents.
To find your nearest distributor, click the link below.

Environmental Policy

Artemas GlovesAs part of our ISO 14000 environmental certification, we have implemented an Environmental Policy.
We continue to work to the highest environmental standards.

Green Design Principles

Artemas GlovesWe aim to be a responsible member of the community at every level of our operation.
In terms of design, we take ‘green’ concerns in at the very beginning of the design process.

Links & Resources

Artemas GlovesWe are members of a number of Industry bodies and export associations.
To find out more about our partners and industry bodies, please click the link below.

Quality Policy

Quality PolicyFor over 30 years we have been working hard to continually improve the quality of our products.
Quality is now enshrined in our DNA and we are happy to share our Quality Policy.
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