Price Western Belts

Price Western has been making leather and non-leather belts for over 30 years. For our leather items, we select the best hides from across Europe and our skilled factory team produce leather belts of the very best quality. We offer belts in a range of finishes, from hardwearing uniform black leather to pristine white leather ceremonial designs.

Our belts are available in a huge range of options in terms of styles, sizes and embossed insignia – please call us on +44 (0) 1643 705071 or by email at if you need something not displayed on these pages.

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Unlined Leather Belt

1" Unlined Leather Belt

A quiet classic, the Price Western Unlined Leather Belt is available in black, tan or oiled tan (more…)

Suede Lined Leather Belt

2" Suede Lined Leather Belt

The Price Western Suede-LIned Leather Belt is available in black, tan or oiled tan finish (more…)

Velcro Fastening Leather Belt

1.25 inch Velcro Fastening Belt

Designed for users requiring low-profile clothing and passengers transitting airport security (more…)

Leather Uniform Belt

1 inch Uniform Belt

Leather Uniform Belt made from the finest hide. Our standard models include 9 holes to give a size range of 8 inches. (more…)

Duty Belt

Duty Belt

50mm width available in Nylon, Polypropylene or Flame Retardant woven yarn. (more…)

2.5″ Lined Leather Police Belt

2.5" Lined Leather Police Belt

The 2.5 inch (6.25 cm) width leather lined police belt is available in as standard black, but can also be made to order in tan or oiled tan finish with either black, brass or nickel buckle. (more…)

Utility Belt

Utility Belt

2 inch Utility Belt produced in black leather. This model can also be produced with a Cop Lock buckle. (more…)

Heavy Duty Firearms Belt

Heavy Duty Firearms BeltDesigned to last even longer and to be the most hard-wearing firearms belt in production (more…)

Mark II Ergonomic Belt

Mark II Ergonomic BeltNow in its third year of production, the Price Western Ergonomic Belt has been designed to radically improve the comfort and physical impact on police and security users. (more…)

US Police Style Uniform Belt

2.25 Inch unlined US Police Type Belt

Leather belt made to style of U.S. Police Forces. 2.25 inch width of the finest British hide.