Price Western Spray Holders

The Price Western range of Spray Holders includes holders for all sizes of incapacitant spray currently in use.

Our most recent innovations include spring-loaded models which will offer up the spray canister to the wearer once the cover is opened.

Closures are typically one-way press-stud fastened for security, with a wide range of fixings and attachment methods available.

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Boot-Mounted Incapacitant Spray Holder

Boot-Mounted Incapacitant Spray Holder

The Z612 Boot-Mounted Incapacitant Spray Holder is produced in durable black leather with a press-stud and velcro fastening.

The Z612 is mounted using a clip at the top together with a fully-adjustable velcro leg-strap.

The 20mm nylon strap in the photo is the Price Western Instant Deployment strap, which when pulled brings the Canister to semi-deployment, allowing a gloved wearer to easily pick up the canister from the holder.

CS Canister Pouch

CS Canister PouchFlap top pouch with velcro fastening . Will hold all types of small Incapacitant Spray Canisters.

Incapacitant Spray Holder

Incapacitant Spray Holder

Black leather holder for Incapacitant Sprays. Model shown is belt attached holder for CS Spray. (more…)

Sentinex Incapacitant Spray Pouch

Sentinex Incapacitant Spray PouchSentinex Pouch for Incapacitant Spray Containers. Features 3/4 length flap and belt attachment.

Spring Loaded Incapacitant Spray Holder

Spring Loaded Incapacitant Spray Holder

The Z430 Boot Mounted Incapacitant Spray Holder is produced in black leather and features a boot clip at the top and a fully adjustable leg strap. (more…)

Spring-Loaded Spray Holder

Spring-Loaded Spray Holder Sentinex spring-loaded pouch for incapacitant sprays. A press-stud holds the 3/4 length cover. When opened, the spray canister is offered to the wearer by a spring movement. This allows gloved users to easily deploy the spray.