Price Western Holsters

A wide range of industry-proven holsters for all current revolvers and pistols.

With both classic and contemporary designs, tried and tested by police, military and security professionals, we know we have the right holster for you.

Every Price Western holster is ready for use from day 1 and is designed with outstanding product life and utility in mind.

The range includes: covert holsters, hip holsters, pancake holsters, specialist holsters and shoulder holsters. Our holsters are available to fit almost any magazine and ammunition type – please call us on +44 (0) 1643 705071 or by email at if you need something not displayed on these pages.

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  • Pancake Holsters

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  • Specialist Holsters

    Specialist Holsters (20)

  • Shoulder Holsters

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  • Covert Holsters

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    2-Position Pancake Holster

    2-Position Pancake Holster

    2-Position Pancake Holster with thumb-break. (more…)

    Ambidextrous Holster Sleeve

    Ambidextrous Holster SleeveIntroduced in 1991 as an enhancement to our Sidewinder holster, the 315 has a slimmer profile and features belt loops at either end of the holster. Available for revolvers and pistols.

    Ankle Holster

    Ankle Holster

    The ankle holster can be produced to take a wide range of small hand guns with a 50mm (more…)

    Butt Pack Holster

    Butt Pack Holster

    Effective, purpose designed holster for specialist needs (more…)

    Clamshell Competition Holsters

    Clamshell Competition Holsters

    Clamshell Competition Holsters

    Fully leather lined with integral steel reinforcement, the Clamshell holster is a cut-away holster, albeit with a covered foresight, for absolute minimum draw stroke. (more…)

    Clip Holster

    Clip HolsterInside the pants clip holster with retention strap.

    Competition Holster

    Competition Holster

    Designed specifically for the ‘1500’ competition, the 1010 is mounted on a swivel and can be fixed in 4 different angled positions. (more…)

    Covered Trigger Ceremonial Holster

    Covered Trigger Ceremonial Holster

    White leather uniform or ceremonial hip holster. (more…)

    Covert Shoulder Rig (9265)

    Covert Shoulder Rig

    Cover Shoulder Rig (more…)

    Covert Shoulder Rig (9268)

    Covert Shoulder Rig

    Covert Shoulder Rig for side handled baton and rigid cuff. (more…)