Price Western Sentinex Equipment

Sentinex is a bespoke Price Western technology, created specifically as an ideal material to build ammunition pouches and carriers.

As a light-weight moldable material, Sentinex is perfectly suited to both traditional security equipment as well as newer technology.

We make carriers for almost all types of munitions in current use and can easily adapt them for particular carry options and ammunition security.

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Closed Top Sentinex Mag Pouch

Sentinex Open Top Triple Mag Pouch

Closed top magazine pouch in Price Western Sentinex for single, double or triple magazines. (more…)

Sentinex Chain Handcuff Holder

Sentinex Chain Handcuff HolderClosed top Handcuff Holder in Price Western Sentinex. Features belt attachments.

Available for chain and folding handcuff in current use.

Sentinex Closed Compact Torch Pouch

Sentinex Closed Compact Torch Pouch

Pouch with belt attachment for compact torch.


Sentinex Holster

Sentinex Holster Sentinex holster for revolvers and pistols (Glock model shown). Low profile design with press-stud fastening. The use of our own Sentinex gives the holster a permanent fit which holds the weapon precisely.

Sentinex Incapacitant Spray Pouch

Sentinex Incapacitant Spray PouchSentinex Pouch for Incapacitant Spray Containers. Features 3/4 length flap and belt attachment.

Sentinex ISW Holster

Sentinex ISW Holster

ISW covert holster, available for a range of pistols and revolvers. (more…)

Sentinex Magazine Pouch

Sentinex 15rd Magazine

Sentinex Magazine Pouch for 15 or 30rd MP5 Magazine

Double and triple magazine pouches also available.

Sentinex Open Top Handcuff Holder

Sentinex Open Top Handcuff HolderHandcuff Holder in Price Western Sentinex with one-way press stud attachment.

This design suits chain and folding handcuff styles of cuff.

Sentinex Open Top Mag Pouch

Sentinex Open Top Single Mag Pouch

Magazine Pouch in Sentinex with elasticated top. (more…)

Sentinex Pouch for Blackberry

Sentinex Pouch for Blackberry

This base pouch for Blackberry handsets are made in our very own Sentinex to offer outstanding durablility and longevity of your handset. The W1321 features a Klickfast attachment on a full length cove, together with an independent velcro strip to secure the Blackberry.