Price Western Taser Equipment

Price Western Taser Holsters cover a wide range of carry options for the Taser X26. These include covert holsters, hi-visibility holsters and shoulder rigs.

The range also features a number of Price Western innovations: the Blast Door Protector, the Anti-Arming Clip and the multi-position system (W972, W974). Available in either 1000 Denier nylon or our own Sentinex, each holster presents a lightweight, durable option and can be configured to your needs to carry additional cartridges and other equipment.

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Concealed Pouch for Taser X26

Concealed Pouch for Taser X26

A black, full-length pouch for the Taser X26 intended for concealed carry. (more…)

Covert X26 Holster

Covert X26 Holster

A simple, covert, holster for the Taser X26.

Please contact us for similar items designed for the latest iteration of the Taser non-lethal weapon.

Cross Draw Taser Holster

Cross Draw Taser Holster

Cross Draw Holster (more…)

Cross Draw Thumbreak Holster

Cross Draw Thumbreak Holster

A classic cross-draw holster designed for the Taser X26.

Available for left- and right-hand carry.

Extended DPM Flap Holster

Extended DPM Flap Holster

Extended DPM Flap Holster for Taser X26. (more…)

Finger-break holster for Taser X2

Our first holster for the new Taser X2.


Flap Holster

Flap HolsterFlap Holster for the Taser X26 in hard-wearing nylon. (more…)

Flap Holster for Taser X26

Flap Holster for Taser X26Multi Position flap holster for the Taser X26. This model features the Price Western Anti-Arming Clip and Blast Door Protector and 2 single magazine pouches. The flap holster can be carried on either belt or thigh rig.

Hi-Vis Holster & Cartridge Holders

Hi-Vis Holster & Cartridge HoldersThe W1402 Taser X26 Holster is supplied in hi-visibility 1000 denier nylon for use by police and security officer.

The holster features a full-length flap fastened with a press stud fastening and velcro. The holster also features the Price Western Blast Door Protector – our own innovation which protects the weapon and increases its lifespan. The top edge of the holster also features a d-ring to allow for a lanyard attachment to the X26 Taser.

The 2 cartridge holders are fastened with a press stud in the half-length cover flap.

The backplate forms the base for a variety of attachment systems uncluding buddy-lock, mollé, velcro & press-stud or belt loop.The W1402 is also available in black Рplease contact us for details.

Multi-Position Back Plate

Multi-Position Back PlateThe Multi Position Back Plate is a versatile attachment accessory for the Taser X26 holsters. It can be used in conjunction with the W974 straps for tactical carry, or a shoulder rig attachment is available.

The plate is backed with velcro for ease of attachment.