Mark II Ergonomic Belt

Ergonomic Belt

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Now in its third year of production, the Price Western Ergonomic Belt has been designed to radically improve the comfort and physical impact on police and security users. Users are now able to carry an extensive array of equipment and maintain maximum mobility. Improvements to the Mark II Ergonomic Belt include increased stability, a new inner face material and improved appearance. All these improvements are the result of our close co-operation with police forces in the UK providing feedback from day-to-day use.

Available with a range of carrying options, the Ergonomic Belt is designed to hold the weight of carried items on the user’s hips. Foam panels around the body distribute the load evenly. Key improvements to the Mark II belt include improved stability and reduced movement of the belt which come from improved contours and a new inner face material offering greater friction with the wearer’s uniform.

The Price Western Ergonomic Belt affords the wearer an unparalleled level of comfort and mobility while retaining the ability to carry a wide range of equipment.

The Price Western Ergonomic Belt features one-way press stud fastening on each of the 6 equipment loops to ensure accurate spacing and security of carried equipment.

The centres or type of intermediate press-studs can be altered to suit individual Force requirements. Buckle options include Twistlock and Coplock buckles.