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Quality Policy

With customers across the UK, through Europe and further afield, Price Western means many things to many people. What everyone gets is outstanding customer service and a commitment to excellence in design, delivery and our environmental and community-based responsibilities.

Price Western Quality Policy

Price Western Leather Company Limited (PWL) supplies leather and synthetic uniform accessories to a global market of professional security, medical and military personnel. For over 40 years, the PWL name has been associated with the highest quality goods, excellent value for money and world class customer service.

We intend to continue the growth of our market presence through a combination of customer service, product effectiveness and innovation of both products and our internal working practices.

In more specific terms, we have set ourselves the following key quality aims:

  • Understand the needs of our customers by giving open and friendly interaction with our customer and provide fresh ideas to address their problems.
  • Commit to continue our work practices under the guidance of the ISO 9001 quality management system.
  • Meet the requirements of our customers with pro-active ground breaking design solutions.
  • Combine the values of traditional craftsmanship with the efficiencies obtained from Lean Manufacturing methods to provide excellence in all we do.
  • Encourage each individual in the organisation to meet his or her full potential through a structured training programme.
  • Work towards continuous improvements by setting ourselves objectives to be met within structured action plans.

Our ISO 9001 management system reinforces this so as to ensure that we provide our clients with the excellences they demand and we aim to achieve. As a responsible member of the community, our ISO 14001 certification and practices help us focus on efficient use of raw materials throughout the production process as well as responsible waste management programmes in other areas of the business.

You can download a copy of our Quality Policy by clicking here.

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