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Holsters International

Holsters International

Holsters International has been a widely respected range of holsters for pistols and revolvers for over 25 years.

Ambidextrous Holster Sleeve

The Holsters International brand was created by Paul Evers, with his designs finding a wide following across the UK and abroad.

The range was synonymous with top quality, great fit and exceptional durability. The user base for Holsters International producsts ranges from Police Firearms squads to gun-sport enthusiasts and special forces all around the world.

From the outset, Price Western leather has been manufacturing many of the designs for Paul and Holsters International. Following the Paul’s death, PWL has taken on the Holsters International brand, as well as the bulk of the designs to extend the life span of these well-received holsters.

Covert Holsters

Inside Waist Band (ISW) Holster

Covert Holsters

From the classic pancake holster to a wide range of ISW holsters, every holster is discrete and has a perfect weapon-fit.

You can view the range in full here.

Specialist Holsters

Low Drop Swivel Holster with Elastic Leg Tie.

Specialist Holsters

Whatever your requirement, our range of specialist holsters has the answer.

The range includes tactical holsters with long drops as well as document wallet holsters for specialist protection teams.

Shoulder Holsters

Horizontal Carry Shoulder Holster.

Adjustable, Accurate, Durable

Shoulder holsters can become fiddly and difficult to adjust – but they do not have to be.

Our range of shoulder holsters are all easy to deploy, durable, stable and beautifully made. See more here.

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