We are always ‘busy’ but we usually have quieter periods around Christmas and The New Year. Not this year! With yet another upturn in orders received and a significant increase in the pipeline, we have just ordered a new Atom FlashCut 888 L30 leather cutting machine.

The machine will be focussed on cutting heavy leathers for our holsters, belts and accessory pouches destined for the security market and also an increasing number within the leisure market.

“The ATOM FlashCut EASY 888 L30 Inclined CNC Knife Cutting System is the ideal dieless cutting solution for any synthetic material: from the softest leather or elastic textile to hard/heavy leather for soles. The complete accessibility to the inclined working surface (1000mm x 3000mm), the possibility to place materials larger than the actual cutting area due to the canti-levered beam structure, the back space for material support, the high brightness overhead projection system for the layout & piece identification during off-loading, and the dual working area to optimize productivity (alternate between cutting & nesting process) make the FlashCut EASY 888 L30 the perfect cutting system for any factory.

Thanks to the new compact design, the EASY L30 can be placed in any facility, reducing to a minimum the overall floor dimensions. The new multi-sector vacuum surface allows increased suction power and guarantees the perfect ‘hold-down’ of single & multi-layer materials and the highest energy savings at the same time. The powerful multi-tool cutting head (5 or 7 Tools), which can be equipped with a wide range of cutting chucks, marking pen and 3 or 5 punching tools, increase the machines overall versatility allowing a broader range of materials to be cut. In particular, the pneumatic oscillating knife chuck for cutting thick leather, shank board and multi-layer textile materials.”

You can see the details of the new machine here and we will update the site on its arrival!