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Price Western Belt Designer

Customise Your Own Price Western Leather Belt

With over 4,352 options and sizes of leather belts, we think that we’ve got something for everyone, from police duty wear through to military ceremonial use, not to mention professional-looking fashion belts for the general public.

Prices begin at £14.99. As each belt is unique, once you have designed your belt we will return a quote and delivery time.

You can then pay by credit card over the phone or by cheque to confirm your order

Step 1 – Select Belt Colour/Style

Please choose the base colour and finish of your belt.
The ordered finish will match your base colour – images are for illustration only.
All our leather belts are made from full-grain leather.

Base Colour:




Step 2 – Select Belt Width

Please choose a width from the list below (only widths appropriate to your style are available):

Step 3 – Select Belt Size

Please choose your belt size from the list below.
The size selected below is measured to the middle hole of the belt, with approximately 3" (7.5cm) of adjustment to either side.

Please note:
Please allow for the size of your uniform and/or protective clothing underneath the belt. We regularly find users need to add at least 1 size to their normal waist size.

Step 4 – Lining
Please choose a lining option from the list below.

Step 5 – Select Fastening Option
Please choose a fastening for your belt.
(Please note that black buckles are not available for 1" belts)

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